The Little Grey House

So many times a closed door causes one to seek a new portal to the future


I passed the little grey house in the Heritage District on a visit to Irving several years ago.  I remember thinking then the red front door had personality, the location and size were perfect, the charm and style said, “Come on in.”  I knew then it would be a perfect home for my counseling practice.  I didn’t live in Irving then.  After I made Irving home, I drove by one day and discovered the little grey house was available.  I wasted no time in claiming it.

It is an awesome experience to see a client flip a problem situation to progress and success.  The Chinese character for the word ‘crisis’ is the same as for the word ‘opportunity.’  So many times a closed door causes one to seek a new portal to the future. The current crisis becomes a time to seek new perspective and effect change based on the more positive mindset gained in therapy.  My hope for all who pass through the doors of the little grey house is that they find new purpose because struggle gives way to strength and strength opens the future to success.   I agree with this quote by one of my favorite authors:

“Knowing your purpose motivates your life.”
Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

Blogging from the little grey house will feature various topics.  Sometimes the blog will be used to tell you what is happening and can benefit you behind the red front door. Sometimes, a guest may write the blog.  In all blogs, it is hoped you will find useful information, hope, and purpose.  I hope to meet you here again.